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Xmpp.pubsub.create.anyone is inverted

Hi All !

I just started with open fire server today, and I’ve been impressed so far :smile:

I guess most people don’t even notice this in the process of setting up, but I think xmpp.pubsub.create.anyone is inverted. That is, I expect that if you want to allow anybody to create a node, you should put “true”, and if you want node creation to be restricted, you should put “false”. However, it seems to be the other way round. And it looks that way in the source code :-

415 nodeCreationRestricted = JiveGlobals.getBooleanProperty(“xmpp.pubsub.create.anyone”, false);

imho this property name should be changed to xmpp.pubsub.creation_restricted or something. Though maybe it’s easier to invert its use in the code…

As I say, I’m happy with everything so far - this is just a minor blip - but worth mentioning.


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I’m not a developer but this line seems fine to me. Restricted = anyone can’t create, thus false.


Thanks for the feedback and can see your point. Filed OF-1432

I don’t think it’s a huge issue. I was only caught by it, because I set the setting “xmpp.pubsub.create.anyone” to “true” when I was setting up, since when I read about it, and it looked like a good idea - but then my client code couldn’t create a node :disappointed: If I had done like most people - just set it up and try it - it would have all worked fine…

Many thanks ! :slight_smile: