XMPP server outside the firewall, http binding?

I am building a P2P video chat application for enterprises. It needs to be a desktop application for various reasons. I am considering using XMPP server such as Openfire and media streaming server such as Adobe FMS or red5 or wozwa. I would like to use cloud/SaaS infrastructure for this enterprise application so that different enterprises will share the same Openfire and FMS. My concern is whether companies will see any issues with opening ports to XMPP server which will be sitting outside the firewall. Has anyone used HTTP binding in this scenario?

I am new to XMPP so need these clarifications.

Hi !

Warning:I am a newby … :wink:

I think - and in my company it is as such - xmpp ports are completely blocked.

It may be, BOSH can be a solution for you. That allows connections and communication

over http [which can never be really very exciting :wink: ]. What I feel bad with this is,

that BOSH does not use port 80 … The next bottleneck …

To make my homeserver reachable form my works desktop, I configured apache

tot redirect all calls to “/http-bind” [this is, what BOSH is using] to my internal

port 7070 on openfire.

But I think, for filetransfer and video-streaming, this is not possibly or the way

to go.