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Xmpp.server.session.timeout and xmpp.server.session.idle

I’am using openfire 3.3.2 and flex for client application.

I believe ‘xmpp.server.session.timeout’ and ‘xmpp.server.session.idle’ property are for session control.

But, those do not seem to work as I entered in admin console.

Moreover, documentation is saying that those are “TODO”.

Does it mean not working currently?

Please enlighten me anybody,


okay, I’ve got a response from slushpuppies that ‘TODO’ means not documented.

Thanks slushpuppie.

Then, please teach me how to use these 2 properties and what purpose they are.

Isn’t it enough to put these values in the admin console to make connection alive more than 5 minutes (since default is 5 minutes in the source code)?

Below are in the SessionManager.java

public int getServerSessionTimeout() {

return JiveGlobals.getIntProperty(“xmpp.server.session.timeout”, 5 * 60 * 1000);


public int getServerSessionIdleTime() {

return JiveGlobals.getIntProperty(“xmpp.server.session.idle”, 10 * 60 * 1000);


I think TODO stands for the documentation that needs to be completed. I am also having issues with those 2 variables, changing them doesn’t do anything. i tried setting different values for those in the system property but nothing happens. My client never disconnects. I tried loggin in via the smack api to see if that disconnects as well but nothing happens and the user remains connected forever.