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XMPP + SIP: Fate?

I’m in Brussels for the XMPP interop event and FOSDEM. Tonight I was at a FOSDEM gathering (beer drinking) with fellow XMPP fanatics Peter, Ian and Alex. Totally randomly, the other half of our table was filled with the developers behind SIP Communicator. We’re big fans of what they’re doing, given that we’re working on SIP VoIP support in Spark. It turns out that they’re fans of Wildfire and Spark as well. Is this some cosmic sign that SIP and Jingle have a bright future together? I’m not sure yet, but I’m looking forward to talking to the SIP Communicator team further over the next few days.

Hey, if I knew it was all about drinking beer, I would have gone ;). Seriously though, I would love to talk with the Communicator guys and as always, try to implement any feature which helps the Famous Peter test.

Yeah, go on guys

SIPCommunicator is great!