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XMPP Transport and connecting to remote conference rooms

Hello all,

I’ve been working diligently to come up with a solution for an issue. I have an internal Openfire server setup with Kraken IM Gateway installed and an XMPP gateway defined to another Openfire server that resides on the internet owned by another organization. I am using Spark for my users to connect to our internal Openfire server and they are able to register across the XMPP transport to the other organizations server. All of the active users load from that server but I cannot connect to any “conference” rooms on that remote server.

I believe I read that this is a limitation of Kraken…are there any other plugins I could use or is there another way to configure my Openfire server to support this function? I can connect from my Spark client directly to the other organizations server and load the rooms properly, just not when relaying through our internal gateway.

Another thought that I had, is could I use our internal server to just log and manage the Spark clients and still allow them to connect to the other organizations server directly???