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XMPP vCard contents world-viewable?

Hi folks,

I’ve been using Openfire and our custom XMPP client using Smack for a few years, it’s great and I am looking to extend our use of XMPP.

I wanted to use the federation in XMPP to allow a client to update his/her vCard and have their roster buddies receive the updated vCard (including XMPP buddies federated behind other Openfire servers).

But from reading XEP-0054 it seems that vCards are publically visible. I wanted to provide buddy-only information (like cellphone number and address) in the vCard and allow ONLY the vCard owner’s buddies to access this vCard data.

Have I misunderstood the point of vCards? I don’t see what use vCards are if they are freely visible on a public server.

Any help/advice to answer this question and/or to figure out a solution to this would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks to all who help this community inc. Guus and Gaston.