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XMPP Windows library

I hope this is the right place for this question. I am starting a dev with XMPP on windows and I am looking for a stable XMPP Windows library (client side). I went to http://www.jabber.org/software/libraries.shtml and there are not so many. Mymatrix would suit my needs almost perfectly but it is commercial (however I would still probably go for it if they answered emails…).

Could any body give me some feedback on this ?




Are you looking for a .Net library? If so, I would recommend the library from Coversant: http://www.coversant.net – the Soapbox framework. It’'s commercial, but I know that they have royalty-free pricing.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the quick answer. I’'ve taken a look. But I work in Microsoft VB6 / C++ framework so “ideally” I would prefer Active X library (COM) (but Active X control .ocx would also be OK).

This is why MyMatrix seemed OK and I have tried their demo version, but get no answer from them even though I would be OK to buy it !!!

Any idea ?