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XMPPConnection - UnknownHostException

In examining the operation of XMPPConnection when establishing a connection, I ran across the following:

The JavaDoc for XMPPConnection states:

Two possible errors can occur which will be wrapped by an XMPPException – UnknownHostException (XMPP error code 504), and IOException (XMPP error code 502).

However, in validating this, I found that an unknown host actually produced a 502, when using XMPPConnection.

In looking through the code to XMPPConnection and SSLXMPPConnection I found that XMPPConnection sets the XMPPError to 502 while SSLXMPPConnection sets it to 504.

Should XMPPConnection be corrected?




Thanks for the bug report!. The patch will be available in the next release or you can get it from the daily builds.


– Gato