XMTCP Conn.. has private access


I’m trying to initialize and begin my connection, however before that I need to set some options within XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration (securitymode, etc). I can’t initialize it though because it gives me an error saying it has private access.


The regular ConnectionConfiguration is an abstract class so I can’t instantiate that either…what to do?

Sorry for the waste, I figured it out…just needed to study Java a bit more. Instantiate a builder() from XMPPTCPCC.builder() and then build it. Not used to that kind of method.

No problem. I was just about answering your question. But I guess some more javadoc in XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration(.Builder) can’t hurt

It couldn’t hurt I suppose! I haven’t branched out of Java into the real world (I’ve solely worked on school-related projects and such), so stuff like this is very much so unknown to me. I learn greatly by example, but since Smack4.1 is so new, it’s going to be rough for me. Maybe I’ll make this small app open source if I ever get it to work

Thanks for all the work you’ve done so far! Wouldn’t be here without ya.

Thanks for you kind feedback.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions how to make Smack easier for beginners (be it Java beginners or Smack beginners). I really need such feedback since I see Smack with different eyes and may not spot obvious weaknesses in the documentation or the API design.

I think the biggest thing would be to demonstrate a small but functional chat. You’ve demonstrated the simplicity of the program greatly, but when a beginner wants to step into the advanced features of the program (presences, statuses, etc…), we’re a bit lost (I found sourcecode for something where it looks like I have to setup several packet listeners).

Back to the functional chat idea, just a simple chatroom, purely console/text based, wherein you can see such things as RosterListeners, MessageListeners, etc.

Thanks again!