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(YAALI) Yet Another Anonymous Login Issue

I know this has been talked about to death here, but I’m really unable to find any really solid answers on this.

We are using OpenFire 3.8.2. It seems to be a really great XMPP server and we really want to use it in our implementation. We use Adobe Connect for a presentation system and there is only one chat pod that will work outside of the built-in adobe connect system. We need it to be external so that we can also allow the viewers of the presentations on our website to be able to chat with the presenters.

So, we are left with XMPP simply because this pod requires it.

Here’s the problem. We have enabled Anonymous logins in every way we could possibly see to do it.

We’ve created a room, added it to a bookmark, set the room to allow all users and groups and do an autojoin.

We’ve set enabled BOSH (per numerous forum suggestions).

We’ve enabled Anonymous Logins on the Registration Settings page.

We’ve added the sasl.mechs server property and set it to ANONYMOUS,PLAIN (again per forum discussions).

We even installed the candychat plugin (which uses anonymous logins) for OpenFire.

No matter what we do we get a PrivacyListError after it seems to authenticate. I’ve searched high and low, far and wide and no one answer seems to point me in the right direction.

We CAN however use regular logins with users that are manually entered into the OF admin. The chat client in adobe connects, the candychat code we installed on our website server connects and everything is hunky-dorey there. The users are auto-joined to the room I have defined in the website page.

I’ve tried passing different information to the server and all to no avail. The page loads and says connecting for forever. I view the debug output in firebug and it shows me that OpenFire is says that the user is authenticating but never completely goes anywhere and then returns a PrivacyListError but doesn’t’ provide any other details. I can’t tell if it’s actually joining the server (we do see a session in the OF admin panel but it gets disconnected automatically) and just not auto-joining the room or if the connection to the server just never authenticates all the way.

I could sure use some guidance from someone familiar with OpenFire’s configuration/setup to point me in the right direction. Is OF’s anonymous login system just messed up? The guy in charge is really frustrated and is asking now about using ejabberd but I’m not sure it’s worth switching things around.

Thank you for your help.

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