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Yahoo and MSN are bridging their IM network

How would that affect jabber community and how would that help jabber transport projects?

I think it is all for the better because they now need to maintain their protocol consistant to work with each other, Jabber transport projects don’'t need to do patching up jobs because they change something with their IM network.

However to my dismay, we have been lacking a reliable (and easy to set up) yahoo transport for WildFire. We have had Py-MSNt but which store password in plain text.

I know, I know that this is a WildFire forum and I have even said that before.

But I think if we can have that two transport (ok may be only one for other), WildFire will be such an attrative package. I can foresee the future when the companies use WildFire (because of its easy set up, reliability and abundunt features) for the internal IM while letting its employee use other IM through WildFire transport, thus it can have control over the IM issue which has been elusive to their control. While giving the companies back their resources (network usage and working hours because of IM usages), I still think that the employee should have had their privacy secured. I am including this part because py-MSNt transport is exposing the user (well, personal) MSN account password in plain text. I have contacted the developer and he/she doesn’'t think that there is a need for it or that the other methods out there are also not that secure. However I want to have not that secure method over plain text though. Anyway, here are some official statement from Yahoo regarding MSN and Yahoo bridging.

“Group hug! Friends on Yahoo! and MSN can soon share instant messages.”