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Yahoo Appear Offline Messages

I’'m having an issue with Offline Messaging - Mostly on the Yahoo gateway, but could impact others-

The issue that I’'m having is that I have a number of users that communicate with Yahoo contacts who have their status set to “Appear Offline”. The Openfire server (3.3.1) stores the messages and holds them until the user returns back to an online status- (As designed)

The problem is, the user is just “appearing” offline- they may never set their status to be ''online" for days or even weeks at a time, and never get the messages.

Is there a way to work around this? I’'d prefer to have the offline messages forwarded to the Yahoo network regardless of the status and let the Yahoo network sort out the gory details of offline messaging.

Help would be appreciated- This is the one function holding up a wide corporate deployment because a few sales users communicate this way almost exclusively.

Hrm. Assuming the plugin itself actually receives the message immediately, it’‘s -supposed- to be attempting to send the message, and if it fails, return a message to the originating user saying “this person is offline”. But you are saying that it’'s getting stuck in some queue? These are messages sent from the XMPP user, through the gateway, to a user on Yahoo? Where is it getting stuck? (like where can you see that the messages are waiting)

Just to clarify, as I am attempting to generate some logs that show this situation a little better.

No, there not getting stuck in any “queue” per se, but Yahoo offline messages are following the parameters as laid out in the “Offline Messages” page, currently set to Store or Bounce. Invisible users are not receiving messages until they set themselves online.

(This is the part where people look at this issue and say “But thats how it’'s SUPPOSED to work!”- and I would agree with them. Just a couple of Y! users are screwing up an otherwise flawless deployment.)

Hrm. I’‘m not really sure what I could possibly to about that. If the server is catching it before it gets to me I’‘m stuck unless there’'s some sort of listener enabled that I can say “no gimme the message you jerk!” See my comments to GATE-52