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Yahoo: Invalid Screenname


since some weeks one of my users always gets the message

yahoo@xmpp.myserver.com (Yahoo!): Error

Invalid screen name.

Nothing was changed? I am running 3.3.3 with GATE 1.1.3a

I checked the password and the screenname of the user,

deleted the transport - and added it again - same issue.

i tried to login with the users yahoo username und his password

in this yahoo 360° web-crap and it worked fine, so i am sure that the user data is correct.

and the mac yahoo client works with this userdata, too.

any idea on howto fix that?

thank you & best regards,


Are you willing to share said screenname? Unfortunately, otherwise, I don’t have any idea. (you could also tell me every character that’s in the screen name … anything that’s not letters and numbers? spaces? symbols?)

the username consists just of letters. like something like dsmith.

could i provide a debug log (where to get it?) to help with this issue?

best & thanks for your help.

Yes please with the debug log! =D I’d love to see what it’s whining about! hehehehehe

Oh sorry, go into your admin console, Logs, and enable debug logs. Then it’ll show up in those logs.

its a miracle.

it works again.

i just turned on the debug log, logged in as the respective user and it worked.

i swear that it didn’t worked yesterday.


Uhm =)

I’ll be over here.