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Yahoo msn integration in openfire can any one help


can anyone help in integrating the yahoo messenger and msn to openfire . WE HAVE INSTALLED Openfire Enterprise 3.3.1iM GATEWAY 1.0.2 . we were succesfull in connecting with spark by creating 2 test accounts and chat . bUt how to configure the yahoo and msn acoounts .


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Did you find the Gateway -> Settings section in the Openfire admin console? Make sure the transports you want to use are enabled. You should see icons for them at the top of Spark. Other clients besides Spark display them in other ways. Psi, for example, you have to open up the Service Discovery window and right click on the transports to register with them.

tried the gateway settings but its the option to test connection is not working . well in spark a failed to login error is on.

Please help and thanks for your rpely

If test connection failed, that’‘s usually an indication that there’'s a firewall in the way blocking traffic to the various services.