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Yahoo Presence and Contact Request Issues


Is anybody else getting problems in 1.10 with respect to:

a) obtaining online presence on a high-volume yahoo account. I have a Yahoo account that has 90 contacts. Where as Pidgin and Yahoo Messenger see 60-70 people online (which was the correct number of people online), Openfire only see about 20. Is anybody else getting this? This also occurred in previous version of the gateway.

b) adding a new buddy but not having a corresponding yahoo buddy acceptance dialog on Yahoo Messenger? I’‘ve tried multiple times to add newly created (aka, they have no buddies and never have been asked to buddy up) to each other’'s buddy lists with no luck.

c) Signing in the first time to a newly compiled openfire server not finding all the folders of a yahoo user? After the first time, all the folders show up correctly in spark.

chuckle Repeating my question from other thread, which 1.1.0, 1.1.0 Beta or 1.1.0 Beta 2?