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Yahoo Transport Problems

I have been running Openfire 3.6.3 and the IM Gateway Plugin 1.2.4d for about 9 months on my production server and yesterday out of no where I started receiving **Alert from Yahoo: Failed to log into Yahoo! messenger account. (unknown error) **messages for all users that have a Yahoo registration. When looking at the registrations on the Openfire server all of the Yahoo registrations sho the Last Logon Status as “never”. I have searched repeatedly in the community for some direction with this issue - but nothing. I am hoping that someone may have seen this issues before or that somone might be able to give me some direction with tracking down what is causing the problem. I have turned on debuggin on the Openfire server and reviewd the error, warning and info logs, but I am not seeing anything in the logs. Any help would greatly be appriciated.

Openfire Server 3.6.3

IM Gateway Plugin 1.2.4d

Spark Client 2.5.8

I just installed a clean instance of openfire 3.6.3 and the only plugin I installed was the Gatway Plugin 1.2.4d and logged into it via the 2.5.8 Spark clinet and I am still unable to access yahoo accounts via the Gateway Plugin (yahoo transport). Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I can’t imagine that all three of my Openfire Servers would be having the exact same problem, especially with a clean install.

Interestingly enough… this issues just went away just the same as it started and still unexplained… however it is gone.

this is happening to me now. Was working fine yesterday.


don’t know if it is helpful: on 08/15/2009, Yahoo would change its protocal.