Yahoo unknown Error

so I just found Spark LOVE IT! but I cannot log into yahoo… I log into yahoo’s messanger to make sure the username and password are correct. I log into Trillian and it works… please help I want to get rid of everything and just use spark! the error I get is so unhelpful.

Failed to log into Yahoo! messenger account. (unknown error)

Does your password contain any special characters such as an ampersand?

Hi Marc,

I might be mistaken, but it sounds like you’re trying to use Spark to log directly into Yahoo! which is something it can’t do by itself like Trillian can. In order to be able to log into Yahoo! the XMPP server (such as Openfire) you’re initially signing into has to have a gateway/transport setup that will then allow you to connect to external IM services like Yahoo!, AIM and MSN.

Hope that helps,


no, just alpha numaric

I believe I am set… I can connect to gmail/AIM/ICQ/MSN

you are saying only Yahoo requires openfire?