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Yahoo usernames with periods

It seems the Beta 8 gateway has a problem with Yahoo username with periods in them (single periods are valid in Yahoo! usernames). Anyone else seen this?

To reproduce:

  1. Use Spark or any other XMPP client to log into a Openfire server running the Beta 8 gateway component

  2. Log into the Yahoo service using the username “test.xmppgw” with the password “wildfire”

  3. You will get an error back from the transport:

“Your registration was denied because the username you provided was not valid for the service”


Known issue but fixed in SVN. See GATE-157

Oops sorry. I only searched through the list of active issues and didn’'t see it so I assumed I was the first to see it.


Thanks, I tested this with 1.0 and it does seem to be fixed. Great job with 1.0 BTW!