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Yesterday's chat transcript (November-14-2007)

Hello all,

Yesterday’s chat transcript is attached. Many interesting things were discussed and a preview of the roadmap was mentioned. If you have not checked the roadmap yet you should do it since it has been updated now.

– Gato

Hi There,

In looking at the roadmap it’s hard not to notice that none of the items in the roadmap are related to the top ten issues just below. Do you have timelines for when any of those issues will be addressed? Specifically the #1 issue of multi-domain support is of most interest to me.

Thanks for your time.

Hey winter,

Many of the things planned for the next few releases were taken from this list. In the case of virtual domains we still don’t know when that feature is going to be available since it requires a huge amount of work and we don’t have the bandwidth right now. Other features like:

  • LDAP Vcard fields stored in the db

  • Improve connection pool recovery logic

  • Create Ubuntu/Debian package

are filed for the next release. However, we still don’t have a specific date for features like:

  • Add multi-domain support

  • Change caching strategy for shared groups

mainly because their implementation require a huge amount of work or a solution is not clear yet. Moreover, some other issue have been solved through other plugins like:

  • Add “message of the day” support to the broadcast plugin

  • Implement “Chinese wall” support


– Gato