"You are using an invild client" after customization

I don’t know what is going on, and I’m getting frustrated here.

I am trying to customize/skin Spark for my company following these instructions:


After making the changes and running ant, I test the compiled program by running startup.bat from the target\build\bin folder. The login window pops up and enter my username and password, which logs in ok, and I see the list of users poping up for a few seconds until this message pops up:

“You are using an invalid client, and therefore will be disconnected. Please ask your administrator for client choices.”

Then the main window pops up displaying the message:

“You have lost your connection to the server due to policy-violation. Reconnecting in X seconds.”

Then it repeats the popups in an endless loop until I log out or exit the program. Upon further testing I have determined that this only happens when I attempt to log in within 15 minutes of logging out. If more than 15 minutes have transpired, then I can succesfully log in and use the client without any problems.

This is still in the develpomental stage, and I want to ensure that it doesn’t happen when create and run the instal4j installer.

Do you have Client Control plugin installed on your server?


Do you really need to block other clients? Probably after your changes Spark ID somehow changes and it doesn’t match the version you have in the Allowed clients list. Don’t know what is this id exactly and how to find or change it.

Well what may be affecting it is that we have a custom IM client based on Spark 2.5.8, and I’m developing a new client on 2.6.3 So if we have it set to allow only 2.5.8 (we really don’t anyone using any other client), That might produce the problem I’m getting here.

EDIT: Under Client Management tab, within the Permitted Clients page, only Spark is checked. It’s the way it’s always been set.

While troubleshooting the customization process, I’ve discovered that the only change producing this situation is when I change the APPLICATION_NAME property from Spark to a custom application name, in the default.properties file. All other changes have no effect.

I would be okay with it if there was a way for the login window and main window to display the custom app name instead of Spark. Editing spark.properties seems to to have no effect.

Well, probably Client Control plugin is checking the Application_Name, so without changing the Client Control plugin itself i don’t see any other way. But as far as i remember you can aslo add a custom client in this plugin, or not?