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Запущены 2 службы openfire-service.exe вместо 1 | 2 openfire-service.exe services are running instead of 1

Я точно помню что служба всегда запускалась одна, а с недавних пор заметил что их две, у меня около 500 человек которые пользуются spark’ом и у них начались проблемы со входом “неверный логин/пароль”, не знаю взаимосвязано ли это. Использую внешнюю базу MSSQL 2008R2 + AD LDAP, ранее на протяжении 3 лет работало все стабильно! Началось с обновления 4.3.0, в данный момент обновил до обновления openfire 4.3.2 проблема осталась. Все логины пользователей на Латинице. openfire и MSSQL на одном ПК. Помогите разобраться в данной проблеме?

I remember exactly that the service always started one, and more recently I noticed that there are two of them, I have about 500 people who use spark and have problems with entering the “wrong login / password”, I don’t know if this is interrelated. I use external database MSSQL 2008R2 + AD LDAP, earlier for 3 years everything worked stably! It began with update 4.3.0, currently updated to update openfire 4.3.2, the problem remained. All user logins in Latin. openfire and MSSQL on a single PC. Help to understand this problem?

You can stop Openfire (both services), then uninstall services using command described in install guide or using standard Windows commands. Then manually install service or run newest installer, do upgrade. It should install the service. For some reason your old services was not removed when doing upgrade and i think since 4.1.5 Openfire also installs the service automatically. Though it should try to remove older service first.

Я сделал это перед обновлением командой “Выполнить” в пуске C:\Openfire\bin\openfire-service.exe /uninstall и служба удалилась, после запуска сервера та же история.

I did this before updating with the “Run” command in the C: \ Openfire \ bin \ openfire-service.exe / uninstall start-up and the service was deleted, after the server was started the same story.

After you uninstall the service, do you see it being removed from Services.msc? If so, after you run Openfire upgrade it creates two Openfire services in Services.msc?

Все верно, после удаления службы в services.msc ее уже нет, после установки она там одна! а запускаются два процесса в диспетчере задач.

That’s right, after removing the service in services.msc, it is no longer there, after installation it is there alone! and two processes are started in the task manager.


This is normal. If you would use say Process Explorer, you would see that second process is the child of first one. First one just starts a service and the second one (with more RAM used) is the actual Openfire process. It shows the same for me and everything works fine. I can login and send messages.

У меня то же самое и все работает как надо.

I got the same picture and my Openfire works well

Хм, хорошо, странно я раньше такого не наблюдал. А как быть с неверным логином/паролем у некоторых пользователей, причем спонтанно каждый день по разному? Использую Spark.

Hmm, well, strangely, I have not seen this before. And what about the wrong username / password for some users, and spontaneously every day in different ways? I use Spark.

This is some unrelated to services issue. Check the logs on Openfire and Spark when this happens.

Error Logs:
There is a bunch of files, look through all of them and select events that correlate with the time of your issue.

Спасибо за помощь!! но я так и не понял, если у меня останутся вопросы по данной проблеме, то мне нужно будет создать новую тему, я правильно понял?

Thanks for the help!! but I did not understand, if I still have questions on this issue, then I will need to create a new topic, did I understand correctly?

I think it is better to create new one. Or rename the title of this one, but it can still be confusing.

Хорошо, создам новую тему.

Well, create a new topic.