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Zimbra 5.0.6 LDAP + Openfire 3.5.1 (User Groups Issue)

Hi, I have been reading through the various posts in a desperate attempt to figure out how to integrate Openfire 3.5.1 with Zimbra 5.0.6’s LDAP using user groups.

I am aware that some modification must be done to the Zimbra LDAP schema in order for the integration to work. However, I am not sure how the LDIF should be. Zimbra’s LDAP is openLDAP, and I have tried using existing Objects to map user groups and users but it just doesn’t make sense. I am not too familiar with the LDIF format, Can anyone please assist?


I was having the same problem with groups feature in openfire when using Zimbra LDAP. I may have a workaround to fix the problem. It does have its issues, but does provide a working solution. Hope it helps.

http://www.cabotsolutions.com/blog/200904/getting-openfire-groups-to-work-with-z imbra-openldap-authentication/