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1.0.4 File Transfer

I just installed the new 1.0.4 client as did another user on my system. When I try to send him a file now, it kicks him off the system. That user is then forced to log back into the wildfire server.

If he tries to send me a file, I get the file transfer screen, but the file never actually goes anywhere.

Anyone else still having problems with file transfer in this version of Spark?

Hi ewto,

Was file transfer working in 1.0.3 for you?


No, it wasn’'t working then either. I noticed you said you were going to make some improvements to it in the 0.4 release, so I thought that might fix it.

Still seem to be unable to actually send the file back and forth.

Does it use a particular port or something like that?

Thanks for the response.

Installed on a different server in a different environment today to see if that fixed the problem, but it did not.

When I do a file transfer, the window comes up, but the file never seems to go anywhere or do anything.

We are experiencing the same issue. There has been at least one file that seems to consistently knock a coworker off of the server ever time I send it. He can send to me, but I cannot send to him. We think it is related to something in SP2 and ISS Blackice/Proventia but so far we haven’'t figured out what it is. We can see ports being blocked by SP2 for instance, but on machines that only have SP2 (and not ISS Blackice/Proventia) file transfer appears to work.

Well, we have a mix of XP2 and Win2003 clients, so I imagine that it could be the same issue. Disabling the firewall isn’'t really an option for us.

I’‘m having some file transfer issues since 1.0.4. I recall sending/receiving a few in 1.0.3 w/o problems but just yesterday I was not able to receive a file transfer from another user. The window came up if I wanted to accept so I hit accept then the progress bar window came up but it just sat there. The other user claims the file transfer was “refused” on their end but I just kept seeing the progress window so I eventually canceled it. I can’'t verify if that user was still using 1.0.3 or not but I was on 1.0.4. Both machines are XP w/ Wildfire 2.4.3 running on Windows 2003.

With the 1.0.3 Spark client if you add the Spark Program into your firewall as a program exception on XP w/sp2 it will allow file transfers with no problem.


Bump for any other comments or resolution. So far no luck for me.

Still can’'t transfer files…

Anyone else have a suggestion or know if there will be an update in the 1.1.0 version of Spark?

If not, is there a way I can hide/remove the file transfer button?

HI a few of us have managed to send files to one another but only in the following configuration xp/pro SP2 station to another station XPPRO SP1 file recieved on the SP1 station. From SP1 station to the stations with SP2 installed no luck.