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1.0.4 Release?

Just wondering when this was going to get released. Saw a couple of other posts indicating it would be out Friday, but I don’‘t see it on the homepage. Like to see if the send file option works yet, as I can’'t seem to get that to work currently.


I am using 1.0.3 at the mo but before that in 1.0.2 file sharing was fine. I did notice it bombed out sometimes when you use the Send file from the chat window. Try right-clicking the users name in the roster and send a file that way.

That doesn’'t work either. Thanks though. Anyone else have anything on the new 1.0.4 release?

Hi Ewt,

We are doing internal testing of the 1.0.4 release, and should have a release today or tomorrow.



Great!! I just found this IM tool Friday and it looks real promising for my use. Need the file transfer to work properly though. Everything else seems to work fine so far.