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1.1.0 Beta 4

Ok this is going to sound kind of lame, but I really don’‘t know what all has changed since 1.1.0 Beta 3. I think I did some improvements to IRC MUC support but most importantly I’'m putting this out for folk who are having memory leak issues to test out. For those that are, you -may- need to restart your server I hate to say as the leak may be beyond the plugin itself cleaning up at this point. =/ Hard to tell. Either way, .jar is attached.

I downloaded and installed the latest gateway.jar and gave it a test run. Seems to work OK except that multiple OpenFire users all appear as the first Openfire user to login. Thus ALL messages from the OpenFire server appear (on the irc server) to be coming from one person. Other than that this a great tool. Thanks.


I’‘m not sure I follow … I’'ve never seen or heard of anything like this.

I have a test LAN setup with a couple Solaris 8 servers and a W2K client. Ircd runs on one server and OpenFire on the other. I have one XMPP client joining an irc channel successfully from Solaris. I then join the same channel with a plain irc user from the w2k box and they chat successfully. When I join the channel with a second XMPP client (from the w2k box), they don’‘t show up in the channel user list and anything they type looks as if it is coming from the FIRST XMPP client. Wierd. I’'m using Psi for XMPP clients and doIRC for the irc client. Each of the XMPP clients login with their own JID.


Oh oh, ok this is specific to IRC! I’'ll check into it, thanks!