1-1 messaging - how to block users from chatting?

I have a project that is basically an IM client. One of our requirements is to allow users to block other users from communicating with them. As an example, User A would like to NOT receive any messages from User B.

I’m literally stuck at square one. I’ve played a bit with Roster.denySubscription(jid) but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Does anyone have an example they could point me to with this functionality or explain it here so I can wrap this feature up?


Hi @John,

I havent figured it out through XIFF but one thing you can do. After recieving the message in your application you can check if that particular user is blocked. If so you can ignore that message without showing it to the user. This is not a perfect method but works

If you have found the correct method please let me know

I am working on adding support for Privacy Lists, but as of now they are not supported in XIFF.

Once added, this will also open the door for Invisibility support.