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1.2.0 problem with all transports

I upgraded from version 1.33 to 1.4.0 and upgraded to the new extension 1.2.0 of the gateway.

I have had te following issues with the latest version.

1)a user was online but only on jabber and not on the additional networks. The server showed that all is transports where active as did his client.

2)AOL status message information showed away for a user on the aim network using the aim client even though he wasn’t away and the indicator showed that he was online.

3)In the past I had on version 1.1.3a believe I had a problem that users wouldn’t login to one transport and it would show a green icon on the side of his username showing hime active however protocool itself was greyed out.

Thank you in advance


same problem here - fixed by deleting and recreating all transports

Some of the issues you are describing here I believe are Spark issues. In fact #3 I fixed in Spark just a few days ago. (was a timing issue so to speak) What version of Spark are you running?

What 1.33 to 1.4.0 are you talking about? Do you mean 3.3.3 to 3.4.0 of Openfire?

It looks like you are running into the embedded DB avatar issue … GATE-393 … but there are also some entries in that error log that don’t have anything to do with the gateway plugin. Some sort of read only vcard errors I’m seeing. Also saw a Yahoo failed connection, but what else is new, Yahoo has been acting up a lot lately.

correct version 3.40 of openfire.

The problem #3 occured with pandion the issue was so severe on the last occurance that deleting the msn user account in openfire and recreating it had no effect. I probably tried spark as well although I am not sure at the moment. I solved that problem by upgrading my server to from 1.2 to 1.33 if I recall correctly.

I have had the problem with spark before as well but then when I removed and recreated the third party account it was restored.

About problem one I am very worried because even though it was resolved by logging off and logging in. The user had no idea that he was offline to his vendors and customers, as all the transports and contacts showed online.

We plan to require all our users to use only openfire and the third party gateway and if it proves unreliable it can cause a lot of damage to our company.


I am sorry I didn’t specify problem number 1 the user was using Pidgin.