1 group all sudden cant login with AD


I have 65 users using openfire with multiple groups in AD. I have this setup on linux centos. This morning I came in and the developers group are unable to login. It says account not authorized with pidgin and spark says invalid username or password. So its communuicating with AD as i went over to a developers machine and mistyped his password multiple times and it locked him out from the domain. So i go and unlock his account and he is still unable to login. So i create a openfire test account and add to the develope group in AD and i am able to log in and in the admin console it shows me online in that group. I am running 3.7.0 and Windows AD 2003 with internal database. Seems everything is working just fine except for this group. I show 55 users online. I went in AD and checked all the permissions and everything and dont know where else to look. Normally when users see not authorized means they locked out there account but this user is still unable to login. Any help would be appreciated.