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1 openfire server + multiple asterisk servers

Hi All,

Is it possible to build a single Openfire server and add multiple remote Asterisk servers across the LAN for Presence and status monitoring of all extensions across those multiple servers? is it just a case of installing the Asterisk-IM plugin and click on the Add server button and keep adding multiple servers, given that the asterisk managers have been all configured etc…?

The aim here is to allow SIP users from one asterisk server to see Presense status and to chat with other SIP users who are connected to other asterisk servers across the same organisation.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone has any ideas? thanks

Yes it’s possible. I’m running an openfire with 3 Connection Managers Europeanwide, and 3 Asterisks. Adding Asterisk-Server to Openfire is easy as 1 2 3. But only “On Phone” Status is implemented yet, not the Presence Modus from Asterisk.



Thanks for your reply.

Does that mean that Chat and click to dial from the presence client are not available? do you think that Asterisk module developers are working on this?

Why are these features available if we run openfire server directly on the asterisk server and not available if we connect to a remote asterisk server?