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#1 Starting with open source

Hello all

I introduced myself-earlier and maybe you are wondering what I have done since that time and before. I started with Spark by doing little changes with graphics interface bugs or improvements. Nothing really hard, sometimes even 1 line of code changes or new XML mapping for emojis, so with next release of Spark you will see emoticons like this for Unicode characters like this :slight_smile:. Nothing hard, yeah? But for me one of the first commits for the open source I have done since March when I started contributing.

So what I have been doing this week? Unfortunately I didn’t fixed any issue with Spark, but started to developing own XMPP client. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be competitor for Spark but my hands on learning about Smack, the Java library for XMPP propelling Spark. It doesn’t have even GUI, it is purely console/text based and doesn’t have many futures yet. I also build for first time Openfire from source code. There are some guides how to do it with ant, however it’s a bit outdated as Openfire now moved to Maven, and I didn’t know how to build it. However with help from my great mentor Guus I have done it and it is totally easier than doing it with ant.

In case you are wondering: install maven > go with shell/cmd to Openfire directory and type “mvn clean package” and maven will build your project. Now go to target/bin directory and run openfire.bat.

For next week I plan to do some stuff with Java crypto libraries and Bouncy Castle, as it will be useful for certificate manager project.

Stay tuned,



God speed