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12 persons video conference windows layout

How to change standard layout (2x6) in video conferencing to something like 3x4 or 4x3?

You have to install JDK and OpenLaszlo Server 3.4. Then extract the source file videoConf.lzx from red5.war and mod the sections with a text editor just before the code below for each window:

        <method event="onclick">
<![CDATA[ if (stream == ns0Name) { After you mod it, save the file then use OpenLaszlo to compile it. I found that if I drew what I wanted it to look like, then came up with the cooridinates for each box, it was easier to enter it all after. Here is an example of a 6 user chat, the first user is 640x480, with the other users at 320x240 arranged around it. I have included all the files to make this work including the source... Here is the cooridinates I used to make this happen (the blank boxes are part of the 640x480 window): **Header 1** **Header 2** **Header 3** ns0Name ns1Name ns2Name ns3Name ns4Name ns5Name videoConf2.html.zip (1085 Bytes) videoConf2.lzx.swf (78128 Bytes) myVideo4.swf (66 Bytes) videoConf6.lzx.zip (1906 Bytes)