#15 The End of the GSoC


This week I changed a bit way of using blacklist KeyStore. Earlier when certificate was revoked I was moving it from original KeyStore to the blacklist KeyStore. Later in the certificate table content of the both KeyStores was displayed. Now I only add copy of the revoked certificate to the blacklist and later when I want to display content of each other KeyStores I compare it’s certificates with blacklist. If certificate match one of the blacklisted I add to it’s GUI model status: „revoked”. What I achieve by that? It simplifies a bit managing certificates. I had to move certificates beetween TrustStore, ExceptionsStore and BlacklistStore, now it is done only between first two KeyStores. What else? Spark now make use of JRE default cacerts KeyStore. That should give users some widely trusted certificates at the beginning. Access to this KeyStore is made in way that content of this KeyStore isn’t ever deleted. When user will remove such certificate via my GUI it will be added to the list of distusted „non displayed and not used” certificates.

It’s the last week of the Google Summer of Code so it is also time to sum up my work. From technical point of view I have done it pretty well here so there is no reason to repeat myself. Though it is last week of the Google Summer of Code I have still some work to do fixing some smaller bugs. But generally I think the project ended up well.

From non technical point of view it was fun. Sometimes a bit tiring and frustrating but that’s happen when something doesn’t work as you wish and you are hopelessly trying to fix that. The thing I like is feeling after succeeding when you just want to run few times around your chair from happiness that something finally work. Both situations were occurring during this summer. Definitely GSoC was great opportunity to improve my coding abilities and extend my knowledge about XMPP and Public Key Infrastructure. I have meet many other contributors which is also great experience. To anyone hesitating to join to the Google Summer of Code I can say it is worthy.

Also thanks for my mentor Guus because it was really teamwork and I could learn a lot from him. And thanks for other community members who were supportive like wroot, speedy, dwd, akrherz, Flow and Kevish.



*Or not really farewell as I still plan to contribute.

Congrats. Now you can spend what is left of summer resting. In the rain

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Still I have some bugs to fix, but a little of rest would be cool.