2.0.1 displaying GMT time, not local

Subject pretty much says it all. Wildfire has the right timezone, as does the local PC, but in an IM window Spark displays GMT in the “Time” field in the header. Individual IMs have the local time.

Tested on Mac OS X and Windows XP.

I cannot reproduce this issue. It should be showing the correct time of each users time zone.


im getting the same error. can you help me?

One of my users had a similar issue with an apparent timezone problem. He recently had his laptop shell replaced (motherboard / LCD / case) and the default timezone in the BIOS was Bulgaria. When he logged into the company network a logon script (not WinXP time service) changed his time to Eastern/NewYork but didn’‘t change the timezone fully in Windows. i.e. when double-clicking the clock on the taskbar it listed correctly but when clicking the Timezone tab it still showed Bulgaria. Changed the timezone on the users laptop and restarted Spark and it’'s working now. Spark Ver.

Triple check the date/time and timezone on the computer with the problem. In my case, the Server is running Eastern Time not GMT. Small workgroup that manages only Eastern timezone.

I don’'t think the server timezone is relevent, but if you are serving users in multiple timezones GMT would be the best choice for any server.