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2/1/2006 Chat Transcript

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone that attended today’'s very busy chat! The transcript is attached. Major topics covered:

  • Discussion of the upcoming Spark 1.1 release.

  • Making CACert certificates work with Wildfire.

  • Wildfire 2.5.0 schedule and planned features.

  • The “Chinese wall” feature idea for Wildfire.



Hey Matt,

Happy new year.now it is Chinese new year,thanks you every week’'s Chat Transcript that can keep up with us to wildfire new info.we very hope to attend with every week chating ,but Chat time is at 9:00 AM Pacific it seem at 2:00 AM in Asia. Time too late in Asia region whether may arrange a appropriate chating time not only with America but also world other region.before Chating time in 8:00 AM Pacific it is favorable to us

Pleasure everyday.