2.4.1 Download

Where can I download Spark 2.4.1? I updated my system when prompted by the auto update, but some others in the office did not.

In Spark 2.0.7, if you check for updates, it says “there are no updates”. I tried to open the content.zip file that is in my temp files, but I am prompted for a password.

How do I get the others in my office updated to 2.4.1?

You can get the beta download from some links that can be found here

Well, I see that 2.4.1 is actually 2.5 Beta. I thought Auto Update would only download NON-Beta software.

Anyway I found it by clicking this link http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=24402 which is the same as the one you posted above. Thanks.

I’'ve had little success in installing 2.4.1 and had to install, so check it thoroughly in your environment before using it.

For example, on 3 different client machines, the formatting of sent text was completely screwed up when composing messages rending thte client unuseable.

Ditto, i had just recently upgraded to 2.0.8 when this upgrade appeared and i had users updating before i could evaluate it.