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2.4.2 zip only?

I like to have my porgrams with installs. Automatic install, upgrade, start menu entries, etc. So i really prefer to have installer without JRE.

So, you’‘re saying that your ideal option is an exe without a JRE? I don’‘t want to make too many permutations since that would be confusing. But, we’'re happy to make the installers that are most useful to people.



Well, i’‘m not asking to make ten possible packages (exe, msi, zip, tar.gz, rar, etc.). It’'s just Spark without JRE is with installer, so why dont Wildifire

BTW, after i have overwritten my W2.4.1 installation with folders and files from W2.4.2 zip (.install4j, bin, lib, plugins, resources, changelog.html, LICENSE, html, README.html, uninstall.exe) i’'ve got some red exceptions in launcher i first started server. When i tried for the second time it all worked fine.

P.S. why there is no post in News forum about W2.4.2?


What were the exceptions that you got?



Sorry, i didnt saved it when i saw it for the first time. But when i have restarted server they were gone.