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2.5.3 - group chat problem

When using group chat, if we click on a person’'s name in the chat room list to send them a message, that message goes to a different user. All of my messages I try to send this way go to one user, no matter who I am trying to send them to. Someone else has the same problem, but all of their messages are going to a different user than mine are. Messages sent using the spark roster, not using the group chat list, go to the correct person. If we switch back to 2.5.2, this problem does not happen.

We have this same problem! Can someone please help?

I refer to this anomaly as “cross chat,” but evidently I am the only one who does as searches for terms like this yield nothing.

Thanks for the report. I’'ve gone ahead and filed SPARK-766 to resolve this issue.



Whilst on the topic, even with older Spark version, if you message someone directly from within a chat room it doesn’'t add it to the conversation history for that person.

I’‘m not sure if that’'s intentional or not, but it seems odd…

Hi guys,

In the process of trying to fix this issue, I’'m having a hard time reproducing it. I have 4 people in the room, and all seems to be working. What is the repro case?



We run Openfire 3.3.1 using LDAP integration with Active Directory. Our client machines run Windows XP Pro SP2.

what I am seeing is all private chat messages I recieve from one person will show up in the windows for everybody I have a private chat window opened with. At least as long as I opened them via a chatroom. I havent tested it for conversations started directly from my roster window.

Any word on a fix for this yet?

Text I receive comes in all open chat windows via private sessions started through the chatroom. All text I send just goes to the first person I have opened a session with.

same problem here

Me too. With both 2.5.3 and 2.5.4, I first double click on a chatroom, and open it. Then I click on one of the users, and a tab opens, and I start talking to them. Then someone else clicks on me, and another tab opens with their name, but everything either the first or second person says shows up in both chat tabs, but not in the room I originally joined.

Is there any workaround for this?


I found the issue and fixing for 2.5.5. You can track the issue using SPARK-781.