2.6.0 for OSX has several issues

Good day, with due respect, how can you call this 2.6 release an “update”, when half the functionality of 2.8 version does not work? do you test this before releasing?

-No sound

-No preferences panel

-No icon notification of new messages

-Windows looking interface, not native, horrible.

-Very laggy

-Tried running in 32 bits, won’t even open.

Question is, any estimated date of when a proper update would be released? We appreciate your work, but this last “update” was not properly polished.

(running OSX 10.5.8 up to date)

Thank you for your time.

you need atleast 10.6 for mac specific features with all current updates

Thanks for the reply Wolf_P.

Why is this? 2.8 was running smooth on leopard, now without snow you cannot enjoy all features, its a poor decision honestly, you are leaving aside a whole bunch of users with Leopard OS announcing this for mac as a general update, at least separating a snow leopard and leopard updates would have been a more professional disposition towards your users, or in the end keeping 2.8 as the main OSX release, and 2.6 only for snow.

I still hope you guys work this out, or we will have to go back to 2.8 otherwise.


I meant 2.5.8 sorry.

why wont there be 10.5 support:

  • java on 10.6 is crippled (apple removed alot of functions)

ive got it done to a point where its working nicely on 10.6 with all necesseray means and dont want to adjust to 10.5 anymore

  • 10.5 is getting old, 10.6 is available since August 28, 2009 and 10.7 is already coming up

  • im the only one working on mac fixes atm

  • i dont own 10.5 anymore

a 5-license upgradepack to 10.6 is only 47€ so thats less than 10€ per machine. Its affordable and the upgrade has to be done eventually, so why not now.

generally speaking, all new software releases usually target the current up-to-date OS of any Vendor and sometimes remove support for older OS’s

so its not an uncommin thing to remove 10.5 support for a new release version

What can i do if i still want to use 10.5 and spark 2.6.0?

remove apple and growlplugin from spark.app


~/Library/Application Support/Spark/plugins

start in 32bit mode

switch look and feel to “Mac OS X”

Thanks, we appreciate your time and understand your arguments. We will have to go back to 2.5.8 for now.


The Mac version was available as RC2 for quite some time. Why didn’t you participated in the test phase?

Blaming a volunteer dev team for not covering all plattform is at least questionable. We are currently covering Linux, Windows XP&7 plus current Mac OS. We even went the route of working against the removal of Java enhancements that Apple did to his plattform. Call Steve Jobs and tell him to support Java. But do not tell us “do you test this before releasing?”. We did and we are doing it in our daily work.