2.6.1 build and OTR problems <FONT>?


I downloaded the latest nightly build after reading the latest blog post for ‘Spark 2.6.1 Release Testing’ and i tried out the OTR feature with a friend running Adium 1.4.1 and while the OTR session worked, any msg they sent to me had around it. Turning off OTR and the went away.

Also the little spiny animated wheel for when it tries to establish the OTR session… 10’s seconds remaining, never counted down and the wheel just kept spinning even after the session was established.

It would also be nice if you are chatting in OTR that the contact has a padlock or something beside them in the contact/friends list.



Personally i think padlock is not a right image for OTR. Also it is already being used to show blocked users in the Contacts.

Any suggestion for a more suitable icon? A pad lock is the usual signal, if a browser moves from HTTP to HTTPS. Also a picture search at Google for encrypted yields a padlock of a key. If we write “Encrypted” we get in the i18n problem.

Yeah, i know that a padlock icon is a widely used symbol for encryption (don’t know why, maybe because it’s a widely known common thing). Spark just has to many padlocks in the iterface One for showing that it uses SSL (bottom right corner in the Contacts list), one for showing which contact is blocked (both shows near the contact and in the context menu) and now one for the OTR. Probably we should change the icon for blocked users at least. Maybe it can be a red icon with white cross (both in the contacts list and in the context menu). As about OTR, i don’t mind showing the same padlock in the chat window and in the contacts list, though in my opinion it could use something different to differentiate it from the default Spark’s SSL indication. What can it be? Maybe some image of a cypher, a key maybe? Or maybe a text image with a padlock like this one http://www.mmi-gov.com/dynacrypt/img/icon_selective_encrypt.png

Btw, OTR icon in the chat window is missing a tooltip.

Also i wonder, if i already use SSL to connect to my xmpp server, then what happens if i use OTR? Does my message is encrypted-encrypted two times? Or will it be only readable by me and my contact and won’t be readable on the server (audit logs, chat monitoring).

back to topic,

the tag that is send by adium is a know problem in the otr implementation of adium. there is also a ticket for that issue:


maybe we could implement something like a “html-tag-fitler” when otr encryption is activated, but actually this is an adium problem.

i don’t know if we realy need an icon next to the contact item. when the chat is encrypted, you are seeing a closed padlock in the chatwindow. by default spark will close the otr session when you close the chat window. you can change this in the preference menu.

btw, i think we replaced the padlock in the privacy plugin with the ghost icon during privacy refacotring. correct me if i’m wrong

yep when you are using ssl and otr your messages between you and the server are double encrypted.

the idea behind otr is sending encrypted messages between user. easpecially when you are using transports you messages will pass more the just your xmpp server. only you and your contact are able to decrypt the messages.

Yes, privacy plugin uses a ghost icon for its preferences, but in the context menu there is a padlock near the “Block contact” entry (this was originally made by Konstantin i think).

changed the padlock icons from the privacy plugin to get rid of all those padlocks. now a padlock should indicate encryption in spark.