2.6B2 Mac Spark Client screen capture doesn't work

I’ve been testing the 2.6Beta2 Mac Spark client and am loving it. One thing I have noticed is that the screen capture feature still doesn’t work.

Here is what happens when you use it:

  • The Desktop clears of the adium app

  • you click the cursor and drag to select your area

  • after you let go of the mouse after selecting, the entire desktop turns block hiding everything. If you click anywhere to leave the Spark app behind the black, you basically have to restart or ssh to your comp to quit the Spark app. If you dont click off you can Apple-Q out of it.

This same behaviour occurs in the current 2.5.8 release of Spark for Macs as well. Tested on Leopard systems through 10.5.5.


Daniel Costello