2 Questions

Hey All… Let me say that my JM install has been rock solid and I appreciate all the help I’'ve gotten to this point…

2 questions, though…

  1. I’‘ve tried running the supplied script, but I still can’'t get JM to autostart at boot. This is on RH Enterprise Linux. How do I get this to work? (Can I also then put my startaim and starticq scripts in somewhere to start the 2 transports?)

  2. Why does JM prompt me to fill out my vCard every time I log on? Shouldn’‘t it save it from session to session? As far as I can tell, all directories have been CHMODded to have write permission and I’'ve CHOWNed them to the jabber user.


  1. Is it with Psi client? I’'m seeing this too, but not with every login. That comes out when i login after a week.