3.1.0 Beta 3 - Almost Ready?!


I’'ve just downloaded 3.1.0 Beta 3 having had a look at the changelog.

The Changelog makes things sound like the IM gateway stuff should be “built-in” and not require a separate download - on installation, there’'s no reference to any gateway information, nor is the required jar included in the installation. It seems to still require manual setup.

And on the topic of the gateway stuff, ICQ for me seems to just not work. I’‘ve registered in the configuration with a correct ICQ #, etc - added to a jabber account and tried to login with Adium. Adium reports MSN and Yahoo transports being connected, but not ICQ. The registration page in Wildfire reports all three (that’'s ICQ included) are connected, with the green dot - however, Last Login for ICQ is “never”.

Sounds like there’'s a ways to go yet before this stuff is final?

I might add too - with debug logging turned on there is absolutely no output regarding the ICQ gateway, while there is for both MSN and Yahoo.

I wouldn’'t call it ready if JM-847, JM-848 and JM-849 are not fixed yet.