3.1.0 beta to 3.1.1 upgrade.... Gateway stuff

I’'ve recently upgraded from the beta version of wildfire from 3.1.0 beta to 3.1.1.

The documentation is not very clear on how to perform a update… so i just download 3.1.1 unix/linux… and copied my conf and logs files over from 3.1…0… and i think that’'s a complete upgrade… I was reading the documentation that mentioned something about…

The resources/database directory contains SQL schema files to create new Wildfire databases, as well as upgrade scripts for existing installations.

Well I saw a .sql file in there… but i don’‘t know if I supposed to run it or not… i didn’'t want to get my database replaced… but I noticed 3.1.0 final added these features…

    • Added new gateway plugin with AIM and ICQ support. (36 votes)
    • Added Yahoo protocol support to the gateway plugin. (18 votes)
    • Added MSN protocol support to the gateway plugin. (27 votes)

How exactly do I use these gateway protocols and such… I don’'t see them anywhere in the wildfire admin control panels.


Wildfire should run the needed SQL update scripts during startup, so the update is very easy. A backup of the current version and the database is always necessary as something may go wrong.

If you want to use the gateway plugin then you need to download it from the Plugins => Beta Plugins download location. I assume that the plugin needed some changes in Wildfire core, so it requires Wildfire 3.1.1.