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3.1.1 Upgrade Path?

I want to upgrade to the latest Openfire version however I’'m not seeing much information regarding my upgrade path. I know that I need to go to 3.2 but do I install all the incrementals as well? OR can I just install the first 3.2.X version and then jump to the latest Openfire?

PS: The upgrade document wasn’‘t useful at all and although I’'ve found where to download older versions I really had to dig for it.

Thanks Much!


I’‘m in the same boat. The upgrade document was useful in and of the fact that it seems to indicate I should upgrade to 3.2.x first, but I can’‘t seem to find where to download the old versions. If you could lend me a hand on that, I’'d appreciate it.


see http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=24702 for the way to get an old version.

Unless you are still running Jive Messenger you should be able to update a Wildfire x.x version directly to 3.2.0

All Wildfire versions should update directly to 3.2.0 without problems.


Okay, so, maybe this is a horrible can of worms, but what if I am still running Jive Messenger? Can I do any kind of upgrade, or am I stuck?