3.10 200% cpu

Java 8, OS X, Openfire 3.10. After running a couple of hours, the CPU usage goes up and stays there. Activity Monitor (OS X) reports 200% CPU usage.

I saw this in the beta as did others:

3.10 beta 100% cpu

Reverting to the previous version makes everything normal again.

yep, it was filed for beta https://igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/OF-883 but developers overlooked this

Same problem here with openfire 3.10.0 on the raspberry pi running ubuntu.

Try this solution https://igniterealtime.jiveon.com/message/247761#247761

I posted over there too, but how/where do you set that?

I added OPENFIRE_OPTS="-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true" to /etc/default/openfire

And I still have the issue

Did you restart Openfire and are you sure that this file gets executed during startup?

I have been restarting every time is see openfire pull 100% cpu power. Trying a system restart (I am also using java 8).

Edit A new linux-image-rpi2 update just came out, going to see if that fixes anything.

[UPDATE] It did not fix the issue