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3.6.3 Session status 'closed' unable to connect, end session

Frustratingly, I am unable to connect to our openfire server. In the administrative view, under sessions I am the only user with the status of ‘closed’. I am unable to administratively close the session. There doesnt appear to be anything showing in error.log, warn.log or Debug is currently off.



After having no luck searching this, has anyone come across this? I am trying to find a solution without interrupting the service for the other users on the server. All other users showing in the session list have “Authenticated” as their status(they are online).

Ditto here. Forcing a disconnect from the “Client Session” admin page completes with a “Client session closed successfully” message, but when you scroll down to find the offending session, it’s still there. Nothing in the logs. No known resolution. (also on 3.6.3)



I am also unable to force a disconnect from the session admin page as mentioned here. Is there any known resolution ?

Happens in my environnement too (OF 3.7.1).

Session closed and if I click on the x to close the session, I get a message that it was closed successfully but the session is still showing.

In spark, when the user tries to log in, once logged in, he gets no contacts showing.

A reboot of openfire solves the issue, but it would be nice to have another fix to close the stucked session for good.