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3.6.4 - Chat rooms suddenly missing under the service conference room?

hello all

Yesterday i finished to install our Openfire server 3.6.4 on ubuntu 8.04 with mysql as a database,

and entered all our users and assigned each to his proper group.

i have created a NEW service group in the group chat settings. ( didn’t use the default public “conference” and removed it)

then i created 4 chat rooms under that service.

all were working fine and i was able to see then in the Pandion client and connect to each of the rooms.

HOWEVER when i came to work today i have notice that 2 out of the 4 room are missing from the list.

when i checked the server i saw that they are not shown under my service group.

i have tried to add them again and i got an error saying that there ID already in the database.

i checked the sql database and saw all the information about the groups there.

but it was not shown in the server configuration.

i have restarted the server using “openfire restart” but when the server came back

there were NO service groups at all !

but i can still see them in the mysql database.

how can i restore the missing service groups and chat rooms ?

it took me long time to set it all up and i wouldn’t want to spand a full day reentering the information

to the database with “new” names since the old ones are still there.

please help…

thank you


Hello All

Any one out there reading this forum questions ?

today it happend again, 4 of my 5 chat room , are gone/missing and not shown in the chat room lists

not in the server chat room configuration page. !!!

i checked the MYSQL DATABASE and ALL the rooms are there.

  1. HOW can i restore the room information from the DATABASE ?

  2. WHY it’s happaning all the time?

please provide an answer

thank you