3.7.0 Beta init script

I can get several of the scripts in openfire/bin/ (openfire.sh, openfirectl, extra/openfired) to get openfire running great by hand from bash (x64 ubuntu 10.04). openfirectl is my favorite because it supports all the options that a normal init.d script would require, but none of them were able to load openfire when the computer boot.

The problem however is that even though I set JAVA_HOME in /etc/environment th init scripts cannot see it at boot time (even though I added my java/bin directory to PATH in the same file and openfire can see that just fine).

So I added my JAVA_HOME path right near the top of the openfirectl script and it boots just fine now. Figured some people might get help from this since it took me so long to figure out.

Great software by the way, I love it!