3.7.1 Windows ZIP file is missing

The Windows executable with the JRE is available. However, the 3.7.1 ZIP shows a size of 0.0 MB and when the link is clicked you get an error the content is missing.

I am waiting on it as well. I am suprised noone has at least responded about it. Is there one coming?

Dupe of request at: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/217117



Sorry, this was my fault. Any better now?

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Yes, it’s better now. Scott, everything is under control Out forums are fairly active so it’s hard to keep up with everything. I had to PM few people to find out who can look into this.

I very much appreciate the update. I was just doing my part in bumping the thread a bit to make sure it didn’t get buried under the rest of the activity. I saw a poll out there and was anxious to get it installed into our enviornment! I will say that I did get a big long list of java errors on first start, but I have always had that issue like, “FOREVER”, after an upgrade. I just simply let it run it’s course, shut down openfire, relaunch, and all is well!

Looks like it was a clean upgrade for me.


It’s not that i can read those crazy java logs, but it’s worth a try to post them someday. Maybe it will have some information about what is going on. I remember having similar errors on the first run after the upgrade, maybe few years ago. Not recently (i usually upgrade to every next version at home at my test server). At work i don’t have a gui launcher (running on a linux box), so i just don’t see them and i’m happy with that At home though i usually get some errors in the launcher when i launch Spark and it connects to Kraken transports. So it is Kraken related, but everything works fine, so i don’t care. Well, actually i do and i have posted those errors to Kraken author and in the past i was posting just every error i was seeing in the forums. But usually they don’t say much or there is noone around to read them… So, yeah. Glad it just works