3 spark issues on Mac 2.6.3 (12555)


I am having the following problems on my mac version of Spark 2.6.3 (12555).

  1. When someone messages me and their window pops up the first message they send is not displayed, only their conversation history. Every other message they send after that is OK.
  2. When I close down a chat window with only 1 conversation in it, the conversation disappears but the window stays open and cannot be closed.
  3. When I double-click on someones name to message them, if a chat window is already open the already-open tab maintains focus with the double-clicked tab appearing behind. This invariably results in sending the message to the wrong person.

Please see attached screen shots numbered 1-3 as above.


I also have issues #1 and #2.

I cannot reproduce #3 however.

We consistently experience problem 1. The 2nd issue is intermittent.

In the logs for the Spark client, I can see the text of the first incoming message. It’s just not displayed visually in the Spark chat window

I’ve noticed that the Spark folder is nto always created on Macs. When I manually set it up, Spark seems to work better.

I experience the same 3 issues in this version of spark in addition to one other issue.

My status often changes to Idle in a short amount of time dispite what I change “time till idle” to in the preferences. I have to manually change my status back.

I’ve seen the closing chat window bug consistently with the latest install on OSX Mavericks… the fact that there is no official response to this since Aug 2011 is rather disheartening though…